We've had dessert. Biblical Malnutrition & Today's Episcopal Church

By Charles W. Slaton, Jr.

"We've had Dessert. Biblical Malnutrition and Today’s Episcopal Church" (2005) is a fervent call for Christian orthodoxy. Endorsed by the prominent Paul Zahl and other leading clergy members, this publication was adopted and distributed at the national Anglican "Hope and a Future Conference" in Pittsburgh in 2005, and later cited as a reference source at many Episcopal diocesan conventions around the country. It is also posted on a number of religious websites, including that of the American Anglican Council. Because the message speaks to ongoing universal issues, it continues to reach not only Anglicans, but people within a variety of denominations and Christian communities. The booklet was reprinted for Anglican educational efforts in Texas in 2006; and then again by the Anglican Mainstream of South Africa in 2009 as part of a campaign to educate the clergy and laity in that area.